Off The Cuff Gets Big Mention in New ‘Dummies’ Book

I am very happy, and a little humbled, to announce that Off the Cuff is profiled in the new “Professional Blogging For Dummies” book, which just recently hit the shelves.

When the book’s author, Susan Getgood, interviewed me a few months ago, it never crossed my mind that our chat would eventually become a two-page case study. Even since then, we been busy building the OTC brand and moving forward , in fact you’ll probably notice that the OTC screen shot on page 29 is of our beloved original blog, now retired.  Boy, have we grown!

The book itself is an outstanding tool for those looking to understand how to be a better, more effective and successful blogger.  It’s also a great resource for those who want to understand what makes a great blog in the first place.

Getgood, a major force in world of professional bloggers, captured my goals and hopes for OTC in a wonderful way.  Setting aside so much real estate just for OTC says a lot about what Off the Cuff has accomplished so far, and hopefully, what’s next.  And, since OTC was profiled up front, in Chapter 1 (Examining  Blogging at the Professional Level), it also means we have a lot to live up to!

A big thanks to Susan, the ‘For Dummies’ team and most importantly the many thousands of readers who make OTC a regular stop on their sartorial journey.

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  1. Chris, your story is an inspiration to anyone considering starting a professional blog, which is why it’s in chapter one of the book.

    I love the new design.

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