A Clever Minimalist Wallet from France

Passport Rivet LargeOTC is happy to support Rivet, a collection of clever and uniquely designed leather wallets from France. Founded by Antoine Monnet, the campaign to get this label up and running reflects the style, ideas, aesthetics, and philosophy that underpins the kinds of brands OTC seeks to share.

A combination of simple industrial influences, minimalist design, and uni-piece construction create a look that sets Rivet apart from most men’s small leather goods. These products are mean to be used, traveled with, age, and build a personality that only real life can impart.

The functionality of each of the wallets in the collection is also central to their designs, from the compact Card Rivet to the larger Passport Rivet. The design and construction of the Rivet line, and the exacting detail necessary to create such clean and sharp products is balanced by the comforting warmth of the wallets’ leather palette. The polished chrome rivets, namesake of the brand, play both a design and structural role, holding together the carefully assembled wallets. A precise combination of simple cutouts and slots define each model and a simple yet sturdy band hold everything together.

As is often the case, the idea for Rivet was developed somewhat by accident. Working as a designer at a leather upholstery firm, Antoine created the first Rivet wallet for own personal use. As more and more people began asking about his unique creation, the idea of producing a

OTC rarely promotes Kickstarter campaigns, but when we do, it’s because the product, ideas behind it, and execution of the overall effort clearly meet the high standards of OTC readers and supporters. We are very selective when it comes to the brands we promote – so when something speaks to us so clearly, as with Rivet, we want to share the news and encourage your participation.

In fact, we are such fans of this innovative brand that OTC will be field testing the Passport Rivet on a special trip to Denmark this summer. More to come on that later. In the meantime, please feel free to visit Rivet’s campaign and take a look.

The Classic Rivet

The Passport Rivet

The Card Rivet

Orange Wallet Detail_2

Orange Wallet Detail

Rivet Wallets Colors

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