Classically Modern Italian Style, by way of Canali

Few menswear brands evoke the iconic nature, longevity, and intrinsic beauty of Italian fashion as does Canali.

Founded in 1934, this Made-in-Italy label is one of the most respected and influential when it comes to tailored clothing. So, when looking to invest in a suit, odd jacket, trousers, shirting, or even fine accessories, Canali is a excellent place to start.

That said, Canali has not chosen to remain stuck in the past, stubbornly refusing to accept the shifting winds of menswear and the casualization of what dress clothing itself. While still maintaining the high standards of both design and manufacture, the company has confidently evolved to encompass the new realities and expanding breadth of menswear. Denim, elegant casual wear, and even luxury sneakers now sit side-by side with double breasted suits and dress shirts.


Canali Black Calfskin Sneakers_2In its world view, the suit – the backbone, as it were, of one’s tailored clothing wardrobe – is but one component of a gentleman’s closet. While a vital component to be sure, it is not the only one worth noting. Canali suits are foundational, yet modern. In other words, they are at home with a tie in the office or just a pocket square at the bar. With a streamlined cut that does not fall into the realm of the “skinny suit,” it is slimming while still offering a visually lean, structured body that compliments without overwhelming.

As with most of Canali’s offerings, the overall feel of the house style is an urban and urbane. Classically modern is a phrase that comes to mind.

Canali Made to MeasureCanali also offers an excellent Made to Measure program – Su Misura – which can be found at select locations. The Su Misura program currently offers a choice of more than 500 fabrics, including exclusive seasonal selections.

Autumn/Winter fabrics range from comfortable stretch and water resistant wools to pure cashmere and soft blends of angora, camel and mohair. Spring fabrics include classic pure wools, linen and silk blends. They also offer ultra fine Super 200s, which, while undoubtedly exclusive and expensive, are not particularly practical for everyday life.

The Kei Jacket is perhaps one of Canali’s most interesting options for addressing the the middle ground of modern tailored menswear. An unstructured blazer meant to be paired with a range of clothing from grey flannels to jeans, it retains the formality of a dress jacket while deftly landing in the “dressy casual” space. The softer silhouette is a bit of a hybrid and can read as sportswear, tailored clothing, or outerwear, as one’s needs dictate.

Equally important in today’s world of sartorial flexibility are stand-alone trousers and shirts, cashmere sweaters and, and men’s bags. Everything must still adhere to the brand’s quality and design standards, but the vision of what Canali the company stands for has expanded to accept a new, malleable, and still very stylish, reality.

We thank Canali for the collaboration.

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Canali Kei Jacket in Blue Wool


Canali Shanghai Boutique

Canali Siena Suit

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  1. The first time I saw Canali suits at a Robert’s in Mexico, I saw them in between Ermenegildo Zegna and Hugo Boss. Immediately I assumed they were of the same caliber, but was hesitant until I tried one on. Yup, they’re worth every cent.


  2. First time i went to the canali store here in delhi, india, i assumed it is too costly but when i bought one suit peice i realised it worths motlre thhan what they charge. Impeccable construction and amazung fitting.

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