Choosing Accessories: Cufflinks

Bulldog Cufflink

Men often face limited options when it comes to jewelry and decoration.  A wedding ring, signet or family ring, and a nice watch are about as far as it goes for many guys.  While some may opt for a gold bracelet or necklace, it’s tricky territory for even the most well intentioned men. The line between cool and caricature is easily crossed and too many wind up looking like an extra from the set of The Sopranos.

One problem with men’s accessories is that they are often, by nature of their purpose, hidden.  A hand crafted wallet or card case from Italy.  An engraved sterling silver money clip.  The family heirloom-cum-lucky-talisman; an old coin or perhaps a lovely pocket knife with inset mother of pearl grips.  All incredibly personal and for the most part, all typically out of sight.

For the most part, men prefer subdued over garish, classic rather than glitzy – much like my continued enjoyment of old school and straight-forward Mount Gay Rum as we continue to develop this series of sponsored articles.

There is one additional way to express your personal flair and show a little style.  There’s always a time and a place for cufflinks.  Sporting a pair can at first feel a little intimidating.  They are, as opposed to the items mentioned above, very visible and often scrutinized.  Cufflinks are not discreet or retiring; even when as with simple silk knots, they are in fact discreet.  People notice them.

Cufflinks come in myriad styles, materials, sizes and price points.  But to make life easy, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Don’t be flashy. Simple and elegant is always a better choice than kitschy or tacky.  When dressing it up, silver is often easier to pull off than gold. 
  • Yes, you can dress down cufflinks, that’s what silk knots are for.  And, they come in numerous colors and patterns. 
  • It’s best to keep the size of your links in the medium range.  For example, the whole postage stamp thing – too big. 
  • Ideally, unless you are going for a novelty look, stick to links that mean something to you and reflect your interests, passions, personality, and style.

OTC's Baade II CufflinksThe type of link you choose says something too.

Silk knots are affordable, colorful and a great choice for either keeping it very simple or adding a fun punch of color.  At the opposite end of the spectrum are chain cufflinks.  These are typically two decorated panels connected by a small length of chain, allowing for both sides of one’s cuff to be well-dressed.  T-bar links are the most common and have a simple post and swivel bar to secure the cufflink.

Although I have a fairly extensive collection, ranging from simple silk knots to presidential cobalts, my favorites are a pair of double-panel platinum vermeil links from Baade II.

An American maker based out of Atlantic City, NJ, Baade II is a small, family run business that produces things of genuine and long-lasting beauty.  As with any aspect of your wardrobe, strive to make investments, not mere purchases.

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  1. Cufflinks are generally the most significant accessory for men. Choosing a best pair can do good to make the clothing complete for any party or a business meet. It symbolizes elegance and style either it be classic or contemporary.

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