Father’s Day Brain Freeze? We Have a Few Ideas…

FRANK + OAK CLASSIC LEATHER BACKPACK Everyone needs a solid, reliable, classic, and well-loved backpack. And, as it so happens, backpacks are very much a “thing” right now. A few things to bear in mind: no, they never works with suits. Blue blazer and khakis? Sometimes and with the right backpack. Decide what you’re looking … [Read more…]

Advice from the Expert: Alan Flusser

If there is one name in the world of menswear that genuinely deserves the otherwise overused title of legend, it’s Alan Flusser. For many men, designers, lifestyle influencers, and self-educated bon vivants, Alan is the man of record, or simply the man. He is not only a menswear designer, not only an author, not only … [Read more…]

American Giant: The Best Classic Athletic Wear

Few brands ever achieve real cult status – the kind that develops on its own accord resulting from pure consumer appreciation and/or fascination. Such love, and obsession, directed at a product or company must be rooted in the unique quality of the goods offered, restriction of product access – either deliberate or unintended, and legitimate … [Read more…]

Cool Urban Heritage with Timberland

Timberland isn’t just about outdoor excursions anymore. In care you missed it, this classic American heritage brand has deftly re-branded the Timberland ethos to tap into the fact that many younger style influencers and urban nomads are calling the city home these days. They have the same sense of adventure and exploration as their forefathers, … [Read more…]

2015 OTC Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s Off the Cuff Holiday Gift Guide is a unique collection of 15 top products and brands vetted, used, and tested by OTC staff. Whether a clever key chain or Arctic-ready parka, we have put these items through their paces and found them to meet the high standards we set for our readers. As … [Read more…]

A Short Guide to Shirts

It should come as no surprise that not everyone wears a suit and tie to work every day. While the trend toward tailored and more dressy menswear continues, actual formality in dress has begun to give way to less constricting styles. For some, even the odd jacket, with all it’s wonderful college professor inducing implications, … [Read more…]