LINDBERG: Behind the Danish Luxury Brand (Part 2)

2016-06-09 12.52.06

In our first post about OTC’s visit with LINDBERG, the luxury eye wear company based in Aarhus, Denmark, we focused on the brand and background of this remarkable company. This second post will ruminate on the influences that design and Danish cultural influences have on LINDBERG’s philosophy and products. Perhaps more than than in any … [Read more…]

Classically Modern Italian Style, by way of Canali


Few menswear brands evoke the iconic nature, longevity, and intrinsic beauty of Italian fashion as does Canali. Founded in 1934, this Made-in-Italy label is one of the most respected and influential when it comes to tailored clothing. So, when looking to invest in a suit, odd jacket, trousers, shirting, or even fine accessories, Canali is … [Read more…]

Blank Label Suiting is all About You

Blank Label POTUS Cuflink Short

Our initial visit to the Washington, D.C., outpost of Blank Label was an experience that reinforced our understanding of what makes this brand so interesting and refreshing. Now, it’s time to take a look at the finished product, and think about what this brand brings to the table in terms of quality, detail and wardrobe options. … [Read more…]

LINDBERG: Behind the Danish Luxury Brand (Part 1)


LINDBERG is perhaps best described a brand well-known to those who know. Based in Aarhus, Denmark’s culturally rich second city, the company’s eyeglasses are a favorite of celebrities, world leaders, and dedicated customers who appreciate LINDBERG’s obsessive focus on quality, design, and service. Prized for being elegantly crafted frames devoid of screws and unnecessary ephemera, … [Read more…]

Advice from the Expert: Alan Flusser

Alan-Flusser-2011-Dennis-C.1 (crop)

If there is one name in the world of menswear that genuinely deserves the otherwise overused title of legend, it’s Alan Flusser. For many men, designers, lifestyle influencers, and self-educated bon vivants, Alan is the man of record, or simply the man. He is not only a menswear designer, not only an author, not only … [Read more…]

American Giant: The Best Classic Athletic Wear


Few brands ever achieve real cult status – the kind that develops on its own accord resulting from pure consumer appreciation and/or fascination. Such love, and obsession, directed at a product or company must be rooted in the unique quality of the goods offered, restriction of product access – either deliberate or unintended, and legitimate … [Read more…]