OTC Endorses knomo London

OTC has had the chance to test out a couple of bags from the London-based brand knomo .  Known for blending organic, contemporary designs with high quality materials and finishes, knomo bags are a great option for everyday use. We’ve spent the past few weeks putting the Kobe messenger and Jackson briefcase through their paces … [Read more…]

Raleigh Denim Follow-up: The Curatory

Raleigh Denim’s workrooms are not the only operation run by Victor and Sarah in Raleigh’s warehouse district.  They also founded the Curatory, a highly edited shop which showcases both their own wares and a selection of other unique brands. The space was carved out of the front of Raleigh Denim’s workshop.  The small shop also … [Read more…]

OTC on the Road: Raleigh Denim

It’s always a cool experience when you meet someone so into what they do that their energy literally permeates the space around them.  Bespoke clothier Jon Green is one of those people, so is shirt maker Ignatious Joseph.  Jon is so passionate about creating exceptional tailored clothing for his equally exceptional clients, he nearly vibrates. … [Read more…]

Timbuk2: OTC Custom Bag Review

San Francisco-based Timbuk2 lays claim to inventing the messenger bag.  I have heard the same story from Manhattan Portage, New York born and bred, so it’s a good thing that each company has developed it’s own distinctive brand and style. Timbuk2’s three paneled bags have become an iconic talisman to many work-a-day commuters yearning to … [Read more…]

True Prep: Raise Your G&T To TOPH Part II

So, a couple of weeks ago, OTC received a simple brown envelope.  Inside was an advance copy of the most anticipated book in the world of Prepdom.  True Prep is the highly anticipated, or dreaded, based on your world view, follow-up to the eternally classic The Official Preppy Handbook. I was genuinely ambivalent about this … [Read more…]