Man up Your Face With Birchbox Grooming Goods

Birchbox is an innovative and creative brand that has helped to create the curated product discovery market.  Founded in 2010, Birchbox helps consumers discover beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products through monthly deliveries of curated, deluxe samples that are tailored to their personal profile. An important trend in the evolution of retail for both brands and … [Read more…]

Birchbox Find: Hanz de Fuko

Even classically stylish guys need to focus on grooming.  While we here at OTC central don’t have a major personal care regimen, per se, we do need good stuff for our hair.  And thanks to our friends at Birch Box, we now have a new favorite hair styling brand, Hanz de Fuko, which is currently … [Read more…]

OTC Review: Tommy John Underwear

Underwear brand Tommy John likes to frame their product’s value proposition thusly; wearing their underwear with make you feel better about yourself.  After a few weeks of testing, we more or less agree. Men today have more options when it comes to finding great, well-designed underwear than any other time time history.  While it’s not … [Read more…]

Wardrobe Upgrade: Ribbed Tee

Over the past several months, we have had the chance to review a variety of products that are redefining a wardrobe staple that seems to have gone unchanged in any meaningful way for decades; the undershirt.  For many men, especially those who dress up for work, an undershirt is a necessity but also a burden. … [Read more…]

(Re)introducing Mack Weldon

We introduced OTC readers to the Mack Weldon brand as part of our 2012 Holiday Wish List.  Apparently, some folks wanted to know a bit more, judging by the feedback in our inbox. As a topic, OTC has never really addressed things like underwear and tee shirts, but these items really are important. Feeling comfortable … [Read more…]

OTC Recommends: Proraso Grooming Products

Over the past few years, the men’s grooming space has been a proving ground for the theory that we do, in fact, like to look good and treat our skin to something soothing an special every now and then.  And while new brands, often presented in appropriately industrial-looking packaging do indeed offer some outstanding options, … [Read more…]

Grooming Find: Philips Bodygroom Pro

While OTC is not a grooming site per se, the issue of personal care an appearance often comes up.  Mostly it’s in the form of reader emails; what is the best strait razor or shaving creme? How about Australian hair gel or Italian toothpaste? Sometimes, however, the issue is a little more….personal.  While beards and … [Read more…]

Win a Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver

While OTC is not a grooming-focused site per-se, we have always appreciated the importance of looking your best.  We also appreciate best-of-class products, and Braun makes some of the finest electric shavers on the market. So, we are very happy to announce that Braun is partnering with OTC to give away a free Series 5 … [Read more…]