Coming Soon: Aspetto for OTC

One of the great privileges and pleasures afforded to OTC is the opportunity to discover and introduce to our readers brands and craftsmen they might not otherwise ever hear about.  Clothier Aspetto, Inc., of Fredricksburg, Virgina, is such a company.  In the coming weeks we will be reviewing a custom three-piece suit from this relatively … [Read more…]

Style & Substance: Ign. Joseph Shirts

Ignatious Joseph is not a subtle man.  Known sartorially for an elegant and distinctive style of dress, including his ubiquitous handmade red shoes and bowler, he also happens to make some of the finest dress shirts available. Based on shirts from the 1930s, when the soft collar swept the menswear world, Ignatious Joseph’s eponymous brand … [Read more…]

Suiting Up With Proper Suit

OTC recently met with Richard Hall and McGregor J. Madden, co-owners of custom clothier Proper Suit.  While there are a lot of “custom” suit makers out there these days, Proper Suit, as a brand and a process, is uniquely impressive. A near obsessive love of design, fit, quality and style is one of the distinctive … [Read more…]

A Brand Grows Up: Indochino

If you follow the rapidly maturing fast-custom segment of the menswear market you now that these days virtually anything can be made ‘custom.’  From jeans to oxfords, khakis to suits to dinner jackets.  And by the way, it’s all online. The leading brand in this virtual tailoring universe is Indochino, founded by two Canadian university … [Read more…]

Alan Flusser takes on Gordon Gekko (v2)

Imagine being forever tied to one of the most distinctive and influential characters in movie history.  Even though not real, he has inspired the career choice for an entire generation of would-be masters of the universe; the men who would, ironically, lead the world’s financial markets into a tailspin eerily reminiscent of their make-believe progenitor. … [Read more…]