OTC x Trident Gum: See What Unfolds

Our friends at Trident Gum have asked that we let OTC readers know about a great contest that just launched over at their Facebook page. You can help make an aspiring filmmaker very happy and possibly cast the deciding vote on the official Steve Aoki/Duran Duran video for their recent remix of the 1980s classic … [Read more…]

A Brand Called “You”

Brand allegiance is a funny thing. When it works well the customer identifies with the brand in a deep, meaningful, and personal way.  When it doesn’t work – most likely when the brand lets a customer down in some way – the old loyalty can be almost impossible to truly win back. While women are … [Read more…]

Chef Daniel De La Falaise, Playing at the Ritz

LifestyleMirror.com, a new the recently launched e-shopping website, features weekly cover stories of iconic fashion and lifestyle personalities.  Last week’s cover story featured renowned private chef and style icon Daniel de la Falaise.  Shot at The Ritz Hotel in Paris, the beautiful and humorous images give a personal look into Daniel’s personality and wardrobe, among … [Read more…]

The Best: Monocle Turns Five

Launched in 2007 as a new concept in print journalism, this March Monocle celebrates its fifth anniversary.  One of our favorite, or rather favourite, publications, Monocle has grown into a unique and substantive media presence. With its flagship magazine, online home base, retail arm, Monocle 24 radio broadcast (and iPhone app), and Bloomberg television show, … [Read more…]

The Man Has Style

When you hear “Washington, DC lobbyist,” this is, perhaps, not the face that comes to mind. KR is an old friend of mine, a coworker who is indeed a true-blue DC lobbyist.  More specifically, he is a dyed-in-the-wool son of the South who, by the sheer misfortune of life landed in the Yankee infested bastion … [Read more…]