OLD BULL LEE: Our Shorts of Choice for the Summer

210-DLet’s get this out of the way: Lee Johnson knows how to make shorts. While the brand he founded, OLD BULL LEE, has expanded its offerings to include shirts and a hat or two, Lee is a devote of shorts. Perhaps its living in Southern California or his On-The-Road bohemian philosopher bent; hence the “Old Bull Lee” name, see: Kerouac, Jack.

Previously, most of what OLD BULL LEE offered was at a premium price point, and when working with exceptional Italian and French fabrics, that’s understandable. But as Lee noted, “we are all about giving our customers the best possible shorts and shirts and that means trying different things and sometimes that means wandering: up, down and sideways.”

So, for these new lightweight poplin shorts, they sourced the fabric domestically, which allowed for a lower price point. It’s still great stuff, feels fantastic, and wears into to a soft and comfortable friend. Sticking with a uniquely personal approach to design and color, Lee and his team opted for colors that were storied, having reason and meaning outside of just their appearance.

Square StackFor the new poplin line, here are a few interesting factoids and anecdotes they came up with:

Vermilion (short 207) Vermilion is an ancient color (dating back to 8000 B.C.) that comes from the mineral cinnabar and has had cultural significance around the world. It is the color that inspired modern day cosmetics, a sign of fertility in India, and many Chinese potions are made from vermilion.

Prussian Blue (short 208) A very complex color and the first modern synthetic pigment. Prussian Blue is the color that indicates when something tests positive for cyanide. Also, it’s an antidote for certain poisonings and is not soluble in water. Here is one that threw us for a loop: it’s even on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines (potassium ferric hexacyano-ferrate(II) – 2H2O). Who knew?

Lavender (short 209) The English plant typically plant Lavender outside their doors to keep bugs away. Lavender can encourage relaxation and sleep, be used as a headache remedy, and makes quite a nice cup of tea.

Green (short 210) Lee’s Dad always wanted a John Deere tractor. However, the family newver had the money, so he never got one. These shorts – perfect for wearing while doing yard work – are an homage to him.

OLD BULL LEE shorts are some of the best you can find. It’s East Coast preppy meets SoCal cool. The upshot is that these are the shorts you keep until they fall apart. So, pick up a few pair now.

OBL - 210 -Green
OBL - 208 - Prussian
OBL - 207 - Vermillion
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  1. Matthew Manningham

    Love these Old Bull Lee shorts.
    Amazing Quality, Awesome Fit….and woman love them!
    The only shorts I wear, period.

  2. sherry sabety

    These shorts are rad! I bought a few for my boyfriend..now I am not embarassed to be seen with him.

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