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OTC Classic by BeltCraft

Belts are one of the few ways the most men can strike a personal note in their wardrobe.  A belt is both practical and decorative, traits which make it a genuinely important item in your sartorial arsenal.  Sadly, belts are also an accessory to which too many men pay too little, if any, attention.

From wearing a one-inch glossy dress calfskin version with clearly casual khakis to refusing to acknowledge that a favorite belt should have been retired (read “thrown away”) years ago, men often fail to recognize the real importance of a good belt.  As with any other accessory or piece of clothing, choosing your belt should be an active and conscious decision.

The right belt brings an outfit together, often blending into the overall harmony of your ensemble and not even being noticed.  Forest for the trees, if you will.  In contrast, the wrong belt can instantly draw attention to the disharmony of your clothing and quickly distract from what you say or do.

When someone dresses well, you know it, even if you are not able to put your finger on what it is that makes him look so great.  However, when dressed poorly, it is often immediately obvious what has gone wrong.  And often, it’s the small things, like a belt.

To make life a little bit easier, a company we simply love, BeltCraft, will help you design your very own customized belt that fits correctly and meets your own needs.  From formal or casually colorful, textured to sleek and simple, this innovative company lets you create the belt you really need; or just want.  These are top quality belts, individually hand crafted in New York City by a young belt maker using only the highest-grade leathers, suedes, and cottons.  All their buckles are solid brass and also made in America.  Suffice it to say, these guys are all about making the best belts they can possibly make.

We pulled together the “OTC Classic” as a great all purpose go-to belt.  Outside of a suit and tie, this matte finished cognac leather belt with a rounded silver buckle is perfectly appropriate for jeans, cords, or chinos.  It even looks damn sharp with a dressed-down pair of grey flannels.  The white contrast stitching gives the belt a slightly casual feel while the polished edges and tapered tip balance that informality with timeless, dressy details.

The BeltCraft site is easy to navigate and incredibly informative.  You can make your own or view designs already available from BeltCraft or, as with the OTC Classic, belts designed by other customers.  For what you get, the prices charged – topping out at $69 at the time of writing – are incredibly fair.

So, now you have no excuse for not having a couple of belts that work just right, no matter what you have on.  Check out BeltCraft’s video below to learn more.

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