Citizen Ecosphere: The Better Basic Watch

Citizen Ecosphere AW1477-15E (2)

With all the talk of exotic timepieces and expensive, heritage watch brands, it’s easy to forget the attractions of a simple, straightforward watch. We love Rolex, Panerai, IWC, and Patek Philippe as much as anyone else, but we also know the value of keeping a few – or just one – everyday watch for everyday needs. So, as a last-minute holiday gift, a nice watch is always a good choice.

In this case, we are talking about the Citizen Ecosphere, a classically designed watch that has all the style and rugged build of a diver watch without the bells and whistles. At 45mm, it is a large case, but in fact does not come across as bulky or overdone. In fact, the effect is somewhat opposite; there is a certain clean elegance to the Ecosphere.

The design speaks to a tactical, explorer type personality. A stainless steel case with black polymatte finish provides the masculine heft while a black dial with bright while accents lends to easy legibility.

At less than US$300.00, this is a relatively inexpensive watch for what you get. The look and feel indicate a more expensive timepiece and its solid construction and attention to detail, always more apparent on clean-lined products like this, is excellent. Even the hefty polyurethane strap has the quality and substance of something that should cost a fair amount more.

In many respects, the Ecoshpere is one of the nicest hybrid watches we have come across. For a fair price, you get a rugged yet handsome watch that has a distinctive wrist presence but which does not overpower the wearer. The solar powered battery is long-lived and its simple face with clear, strong markings is easy to read while also conveying uncluttered style.


Citizen Ecosphere AW1477-15E Citizen Ecosphere Box

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