The Perfect Bag for the Stuff in Your Bag

Napper Tandy – ntandy – is one brand that always makes us feel happy. Built on a philosophy of surfer chillness and and the value of keeping things simple and basic, Napper’s wares are stuff you actually use. That said, never confuse simple for cheap. These goods are solid, detailed, and without question, made to … [Read more…]

Cool Urban Heritage with Timberland

Timberland isn’t just about outdoor excursions anymore. In care you missed it, this classic American heritage brand has deftly re-branded the Timberland ethos to tap into the fact that many younger style influencers and urban nomads are calling the city home these days. They have the same sense of adventure and exploration as their forefathers, … [Read more…]

Lucky West: Americana T-Shirts

From our perspective tee shirts, or t-shirts, come in three varieties: plain and dressy for a casual yet relaxed look, informal with a graphic or logo (ideally with some personal meaning or connection to the wearer), and underwear. While not typically in our wheelhouse, over the past few years, the humble tee shirt has become … [Read more…]

Brands We Love

Listed here are some of the best menswear and lifestyle brands, innovative labels, and creative stores and makers that we’ve come across. OTC researches, meets with, buys from, or works with every single brand we recommend. If you feel that your company belongs on this highly curated list, or if you have your own suggestions, … [Read more…]